Ab Heut gibt es auf allen I-net Plattforms: 50 D.Trance Traxx 2

Hi Trance Fans,

50 D.Trance Traxx Vol 2 is out now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you can buy them online only,
on all important interplattforms.
its 6 cds. wow.
IT zoomed into all european and also american online
dance charts. (number 17 in the USA)

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Vielen Dank die vielen Reaktionen, ab D.Trance 54 gibt es wieder HOLO !!!


AM FREITAG DEN 12.11.2010 ist es SOWEIT !

Die neuen Alben D.Trance 52, D.Techno 27, Bas van den Eijken sind.


D.Trance 52- Wonderful Music for Wonderful People!!

Fulominant it starts out with Classic Tunes by Megara „NYC“ or Accuface „Journey into Sound“.
Followed by even more hardtranciger Tracks by The Sixth Sence, Luca Antolini or Shokk Force.
D.Trance 52 has strong influences of Elektro . But compare to the Monotomy of this genre, the D.trance Tunes
lead into releaving melodies -soo teasing-. It is a wonderful symbiosis of both music genres.
Bei D.Trance 52 finden sich dieses mal auch Einflüsse vom Elektro. Aber anders als bei der einfältigen
Examples Nic Chagall , Wippenberg, Bas van den Eijken or Glenn Morrison.

The pure Ibiza Melodic Trance is covered by tunes of Moonpaxx, Wonderful Feelings oder Daniel Kandi.
Exeptionally outrages is Marc van Lindens „Sturm der Nacht“.
It is very much like the well known Eye-Q Compilations.

D.Trance 52 – Wonderful Music for Wonderful People
Get it Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D.Trance 52,D.Techno 27 & BvdE Check This Out! – GET Them – Before They Get You!!!!!!!!!!!!!


D.Trance pres Bas van den Eijken

Bas van den Eijken alias Ecki Stamer foundet the Label DJs present 1995 together with Gary D. In that year we released the first edition of the legendary Compilation D.Trance.
This was followed by Projects like : D.Techno, Eye-Trance or Albumns with Taucher, Pascal Feos, Yanny, Gollum, Neo Cortex or Daniel Klein.
Up to today 1.3 mio Cds have been sold, the highest Chart Position was number 3, in the German Sales Charts.

Before working in the msuic industry BvdE was studying Art & Marketing in Berlin, London & Amsterdam. Thats were the name comes from.
The biggest influence on this Albumn have for sure Dr Gary D.as well as DJ Myde
Bas van den Eijken attached importance to melodical parts , which lead within the Breaks sometime into classical features. ( e.g. bei „Follow The Light“ oder „Lighthouse“) .
You find that, even within very Elektro influenced Tracks like „Check this Out“ or „Energetic Moon“.

Very much clubby is eg „Hey You“, that has recently power rotation at the radio Station „Sunshine Live“
Listen to „The D.Trance Anthem“, one can find the big influence of the long lasting (16 years) work on the D.Trance Compilation series

„Harbour City“ or “ The Chumscrubber“ are completing the album, with a symbiosis of
the genres „Elektro“ and „Trance“, (best regard to Mr Kalkbrenner)

To summarize one can say, that „Ceck This Out!“ is an Albumn, that offer the whole range
of the electronical music from Melodic Trance over Hard-Trance towards very modern
tunes of Elektro.
It is a real must have for „Bedroom DJs“, for „listining in your car“, for the Clubs, to have parties or just „to make love“.

Bas van den Eijken >> Check this Out !!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET IT NOW