EyE Trance 15 (Online Only) Out 15.05.2013

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EyE-Trance 15- The Best Melodic-Trance


EyE-Trance 15 flashes back with the next massive edition.

All huge melodic Trance-Hymns are part of this Compilation.

As there are:

Trax & Mixes by:

Alex M.O.R.P.H.,Rene_Ablaze, Mosahar,Store N Forward,4 Seas, Dim & Rus,Varo MK, Dim & Rus, Cintra Angelique, Project Soul, Physical Dreams and many more….

EyE-Trance 15 is music for eternity. One can listen to these Cds year after year.

Eye-Trance 14 – Get it before it gets You!

Cover EyE Trance 15 mail

1 Antwort : “EyE Trance 15 (Online Only) Out 15.05.2013”

  1. Hihaho!
    Nur noch zwei tage!
    Dann ist Release Day!!! 😀

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