To released :20.04.2012 DJ Myde – The second T.R.I.P. (online)

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The Second Trip (online Only)——

One doesn´t a thousand words to desacribe this Ablum:
Trance, Emotions, Diversity….
Welcome to „The  Second T.R.I.P“- DJ Mydes second Album.

On this album you find twelve tracks full of stunning melodies,
kicking bassdrums, but also emotional trance pads for spreading the wings and flying into the world of trance.

You will also have the unparalleted opportunity to listen to some very special tracks by DJ Myde, for example „Blue“ or „Changes“. These tracks are made for those who want to forget the moment….
Powerful, Melodic , Intellegence and Happy Trance are the ingredience for this magical masterpiece.
Inspired by several artists in the world , Myde created an album full of music, you won´t forget and you will love once you ´ve heard it.

Listen, Love and never losse your love for music…..
The Second Trip Cover Kopie.eps

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