D.Trance 52- Wonderful Music for Wonderful People!!

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Fulominant it starts out with Classic Tunes by Megara „NYC“ or Accuface „Journey into Sound“.
Followed by even more hardtranciger Tracks by The Sixth Sence, Luca Antolini or Shokk Force.
D.Trance 52 has strong influences of Elektro . But compare to the Monotomy of this genre, the D.trance Tunes
lead into releaving melodies -soo teasing-. It is a wonderful symbiosis of both music genres.
Bei D.Trance 52 finden sich dieses mal auch Einflüsse vom Elektro. Aber anders als bei der einfältigen
Examples Nic Chagall , Wippenberg, Bas van den Eijken or Glenn Morrison.

The pure Ibiza Melodic Trance is covered by tunes of Moonpaxx, Wonderful Feelings oder Daniel Kandi.
Exeptionally outrages is Marc van Lindens „Sturm der Nacht“.
It is very much like the well known Eye-Q Compilations.

D.Trance 52 – Wonderful Music for Wonderful People
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