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D.Trance – The History
Ab 06.11.2009 auf allen ONline Plattformen erhältlich
Autumn 1995 . Marcel Ewald, Gary D and Ecki Stamer were meeting in Club called Unit,
the first Techno Club in Germany.This was THE BIRTH of D.Trance. The Mother of all Trance Compilations.
A Long story of sucess started out. The first D.Trance was so sucessful that it was sold out after three days, The
CD Produktion Company could not produce in time.In 1996 D.Trance 3 were shooting from nowhere to number 2 into the German Charts.All further D.Trance editions went into the top 10.
While other Compilation changed throughout the year towards POP,  the direction of D.Trance remains still on „pure
Trance“.On D.TRANCE -The HISTORY you have 5 remastered CDs with the best of all those years.
one does not miss anything.It starts out with CD1 and 2 with farely quick bass drums 160 bpms and more.
Classic Track from Hitch.Hiker & Dumont, DJ Dave Davis, Ultrashock or The Paragod
or booming your brain away. The abilities of producing sound were not as it is today.
So the Master himself Dr. Gary D. has remastered those tracks.CD 3 and 4 are strongly influenced by Megara and of
corse Gary. The bpm are getting a bit lower, but through the better technical equipment , the power of the music is
even stronger.Examples are Tracks from Tom Stevens, Fractal 4, Mario Lopez, Mike NRG, Rocketeers or Chemistry.
CD 5  leads to the sound of today. In the early Trance years Germany were
dominating the market. Now Holland (like Ron van den Beuken or Bas van den Eijken) and other countries (UK : Lisa
Lashes) got more influence. Mike Nero remixed two absolute Trance Classics „Ready to Flow“ and „Loops and Tings“
(Original by Jens Mahlstedt) ,k wonderful music.To sumarise , one can say, this product is an entrance into the
secret of Trance.D.TRANCE -HISTORY

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